Minimal MIUI is now Minimal UI.

Unfortunately Google took down my Minimal MIUI theme a couple of weeks ago (early April) & denied my appeal to bring it back. I believe the name MIUI is copyrighted. I could’ve easily changed it but Google’s pretty strict & they don’t bother giving out warnings. So there’s good news & bad news here:

Bad news: Because I’m forced to reupload it, that means you’d have to repurchase if you want it & to keep up with the updates. I also lost all my ratings which sucks. I’ve dropped the theme down to $0.99 (currently $1.29, will be put back to original $1.49 after more updates) for now to make the switch a bit easier. Theme is back to $1.49 as of version 1.7.

Good news: I’m remaking all the icons in the 96x96 size compared to the old 80x80, so the icons will be bigger & sharper than before. The 1st release has 240+ icons (as of v2.5 it’s at 1000+), then I’ll be constantly updating & adding in icons to get back around 700 icons as fast as I can. After that I’ll start taking icon requests again.

Sorry about all the hassle, but I can promise that I’ll never stop updating this theme to try to make it the best out there. 

NOTE: If you purchased Minimal MIUI before it was removed, I can still send you the old version if you don’t have it. The downsides are there won’t be anymore updates for that one, & the new version is higher quality.

Here’s the Play Store link


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